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All our sites are optimised to achieve maximum target audience reach.

"Working with Strike Designs is a real pleasure; in 10 years of dealing with IT providers, I haven't come across any that are as responsive, conscientious and creative as Strike Designs."

- David Osrin, Managing Director, Music Makers Ltd

Search Engine Optimisation

Your site will be optimised to achieve maximum, "organic" placement within search engines. Each page that is created (either as part of the development, or created by you within our content management system, read: make it easy) will be geared towards "selling" the content to the search engines, with no deterioration in the design.

Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click Marketing

To provide immediate, targetted traffic to your site Pay Per Click marketing can be employed. We'll provide the solutions and expertise to succeed, even when the competition is fierce.

Accessibility and usability

The importance of accessibility and usability are too often overlooked. All of our Internet / intranet and extranet sites are coded by hand, by highly experienced developers. We'll ensure your site conforms the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and are to the highest quality and standards.

Advertising banner creation

Reaching your target audience through high impact, animated or static advertising banners on third party sites.

Email newsletter and viral marketing

Reaching a new audience or engaging an existing client base through interesting and informative email newsletters, fun and funky applications or inspiring multimedia content.

Contact us for further information on how to increase your target audience reach.

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