Magma Email Newsletter Engine

Deliver. Engage.
Measure. Retain.

Easy to use, powerful email marketing and reporting

Magma allows you to manage a database of subscribers, send targetted emails directly to their inbox then produce reports about the subscribers and their responses to your campaigns.

Here's how it will help you:

Faster than print with lower costFaster than print with lower cost
Save money, retain existing customers and engage with a new audience, faster and easier.
Test and 'one-shot' functionalityTest and 'one-shot' functionality
Send any number of tests for the new campaign or send individual 'one-shot' emails to clients and contacts.
Full customer database managementFull customer database management
Insert, manage and produce reports on your customers. Target campaigns to groups, filters or even individuals.
Recipient filter that's tailored to your organisationRecipient filter that's tailored to your organisation
Filter your recipient list so that your subscribers receive emails which are directly relevant to them.
Email template selection and managementEmail template selection and management
Choose the graphical template you'd like to use for the email or upload a new one.
Full personalisation functionalityFull personalisation functionality
Personalise each email that's sent to build rapport and increase response rates.
Full campaign reporting facilitiesFull campaign reporting facilities
Produce reports in real-time on the success of your campaigns and recipient activity.
Automated daily take-up reportsAutomated daily take-up reports Assign a marketing person, persons or team to receive automated daily response emails, outlining the success of the campaign with full recipient information.
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