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Inspire confidence in your visitors.
Boosting your brand and increasing your sales.

"Strike understood our requirements and target audience and have built us a cost effective site that fulfilled our every requirement and has been a great success, thank you!"

- David Ayers, Managing Director, Connect Together Ltd.

Our focus is always on you and what makes you different. We'll propose tools and ideas that will engage your visitors and convert them into customers, whatever your business.

Have you considered?
  • A client login area to provide private access resources and information for your dedicated clients only.
  • Cross-selling your products with others to increase overall spend per visitor.
  • Capturing your visitor's details to provide them with periodic, relevant information and keep them coming back for more.
  • Multiple currencies to appeal to a global market.
  • Cost, quote and savings calculators for data capture and to boost your competitiveness.
  • RSS feeds to keep your target audience up-to-date with your latest news, information or product releases.
  • Call Me Now feature to quickly connect your visitor with a member of your team.
  • Refreshing your brand to capture the attention of a targeted audience and boost awareness with your company identity.

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