About us

We are a dedicated, innovative design agency, focused on empowering you and your business. Our experience and expertise means we get it right, first time.

We form long term, supportive and mutually beneficial relationships with all clients. Our prices are always transparent, with no hidden costs or nasty surprises.


Strike Designs began in 1999 as a purely graphic design partnership. In 2002 Strike Designs LLP was formed and in 2005 converted to Strike Designs Ltd.

Today we are a boutique agency working closely with a wide range of clients from a wide range of industries throughout the UK, EU and America. In addition to working directly with clients we also provide consultancy, development and support services to many large, London based graphic and web design companies who don't have the same level of expertise.


Our small, selected team has over thirty years of combined commercial experience in all aspects of the industry.


All of the directors at Strike Designs are the principle owners of the business, we have no debt, very low overheads, a savings & investment portfolio and a continued work schedule thanks to our loyal customer base.

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Elegantly Simple Power ®

Elegantly simple power: The Fusion Site Management System

Make it incredibly easy for you and your staff to manage your site

The Fusion Site Management System
With no ongoing payment it's the perfect solution for the SME

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